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    Tajikistan means the Land of the Tajiks in Persian Some believe the name Tajik is a geographic reference to the crown Taj of the Pamir Knot but this is a folk etymology The word Tajik was used to differentiate Iranians from Turks in Central Asia starting as early as the 10th century

  • Production of Coal Pitch Based on Liquid Waste of Coal

    Feb 25 2021  Abstract A technological scheme has been developed for the utilization of a water–tar mass containing toxic organic compounds from the phenol series formed in the course of coal gasification Coal tar pitch was obtained based on the multiple distillation of the separated tar mass and its application to the production of carbon electrodes was investigated

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    Tajikistan Tadzhikistan Tadjikistan a republic in central Asia under Uzbek rule from the 15th century until taken over by Russia in the 1860s it became an autonomous Soviet republic in 1929 and gained full independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 it is mainly mountainous Official language Tajik or Tajiki

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    A contrast to this general pattern is provided by Soviet Central Asia whose areas of the economy of south west Tadzhikistan13 but on the other hand it could have been associated with the re equipment of the USSR motor vehicle industry for the purposes of a war economy which led to a reduction in the output of lorries from

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    The beginning of the early medieval period of coin circulation in the Northern Tokharistan the southern part of modern Tadzhikistan and Uzbekistan was connected as in the case with the Bukhara Sogd with the wide spread of silver coins of the Sassanian type in combination with copper coins of a more restricted local territories of distribution

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    Jan 09 2019  In contrast the Allies lost fewer than 1 000 men For his victory at Rymnik Suvorov was elevated to the rank of count in both the Russian and Austrian nobilities with the addition of Rymnikski to his last name Kirghizia Tadzhikistan Turkmenia and Uzbekistan Not all the local rulers or khans or some segments of the population

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    The iW7039 also uses Dialog s patented AnyMode dimming which offers comprehensive simple and flexible options to improve HDR display picture quality It allows continuous PWM signals or very narrow PWM burst signals that are fully synchronized to the video frame at the same or higher frequency The PWM duty cycle can be updated in each

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    In 1999 by contrast raw cotton production was only 316 000 metric tons Cotton still accounts for two thirds of total agricultural output however Export of cotton fiber in 1999 accounted for a relatively low figure of US 92 million or 13 percent of GDP

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    Kazakhstan and Tajikistan living comparison Explore similarities and differences The Tajik people came under Russian rule in the 1860s and 1870s but Russia s hold on Central Asia weakened following the Revolution of 1917 Bands of indigenous guerrillas called basmachi fiercely contested Bolshevik control of the area which was not fully reestablished until 1925

  • Donors LGBT Support in Tajikistan Promoting Diversity or

    Aug 12 2019  In contrast in Tajikistan international donors promoting liberal norms are identified by the broader population and policymakers as representing the West Russian Zapad and Western values which threaten local traditions cf Kluczewska and Juraev forthcoming A complaint by one interviewee summarises this point of view These

  • Outward Foreign Direct Investment and Export Performance

    Mar 08 2017  In 2014 imports and exports by domestic investing entities amounted to US 448 1 billion including exports of US 110 2 billion and the OFDI increased to US 107 2 billion 1 Figure 1 Figure 1 Growth Trend of China s OFDI Flow and Export Volume Note OFDI=outward foreign direct investment

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    Niobium pentoxide Nb 2 O 5 increases both the refractive index of optical glasses and the capacity of multi layered ceramic capacitors MLCCs contrast to lead oxide niobium pentoxide poses no health risks When niobium pentoxide is added to the glass during the production of optical lenses the lenses are lighter thinner and demonstrate greater resilience

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    Feb 12 2017  Tajikistan is a presidential republic consisting of four provinces Most of Tajikistan s population belongs to the Tajik ethnic group who speak Tajik a dialect of Persian Russian is used as the inter ethnic language While the state is constitutionally secular

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    with Uzbekistan and Tadzhikistan increasingly reverting to Islam since achieving independence In contrast Armenia and Georgia are dominated by the Christianity of the Armenian and Georgian orthodox churches and both countries have their own languages and cultures Toward True Self sufficiency All the nations of Central Asia and Caucasia must

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    Best trails in Tadzhikistan Territories Tajikistan 3 Reviews Explore the most popular trails in Tadzhikistan Territories with hand curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers campers and nature lovers like you

  • Level measurement in flour silos with intense dust

    With its 2426 GHz FMCW radar the OPTIWAVE 6300 is designed for level measurement in the very dusty atmosphere of the fl our silos Each measuring device is equipped for this task with a DN 80 3 drop antenna made of PTFE In order to measure the level directly from above the existing nozzles DN 80 3 on the roof of the silo were used


    capital of Tadzhikistan while Khurramabad is a hybrid based on the contrast of the cruelty of Volos s stories and the folklore toponym Khurramabad the city of happiness full of green trees

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    Tadzhikistan s electric power output increased 62 times between 1940 and 1974 in contrast to the 20 fold increase in the USSR as a whole The republic s rich hydroelectric resources offer great opportunities for the expansion of electric power production

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    Nov 19 2018  The Pamir Hwy by contrast refers to a section of the M41 that runs only between Khorog and Osh But who cares about the technicalities The route by whatever name it s given is famous for a reason Whether bending along the hem of Tajikistan following the Pyanj River or winding across remote high altitude pastures this highway is one

  • What is HAARP Three Short Articles

    Dushanbe Tadzhikistan None of these existing systems however have the combination of frequency capability and beam steering agility required to perform the experiments planned for HAARP In contrast to the atmosphere close to the earth which is composed of neutral atoms and molecules the ionosphere contains both positively and


    non destructive investigation of embryo fossilised in ovo absorption based versus phase contrast x ray imaging download non destructive investigation of embryo fossilised in ovo absorption based versus phase contrast x ray imaging vincent fernandez doc dr mathias harzhauser 22 more

  • Modeling the radiative characteristics of airborne mineral

    In contrast to silicates carbonates typically display a strong band near 7 gm due to asymmetric C O stretching vibrations and weaker bands near 11 4 and 14 3 gm which can be seen in the spectrum of calcite In turn sulfates display a group of intense bands due to

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    We found 2 answers for the crossword clue Tadzhikistan Are you looking for more answers or do you have a question for other crossword enthusiasts Use the Crossword Q A community to ask for help If you haven t solved the crossword clue Tadzhikistan yet try to search our Crossword Dictionary by entering the letters you already know Enter a dot for each missing letters e g P ZZ

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    Hans Dieter Sues is Senior scientist and curator of vertebrate Paleontology in the Department of Paleobiology Smithsonian Institution

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    We place most republics of the FSU in the third quadrant Ethnic Warring because we believe this is the dominant mode of ethnic relations in at least 9 nation states Russia as the police state is involved in some ethnic conflicts by invitation C such as Tadzhikistan C but in many cases the opposite is true In all cases we emphasize that

  • Annotated Chromosome Numbers of Selected Asiatic

    range South Siberia Mongolia In contrast there is more variation within its populations distributed in Tadzhikistan and Kashmir The low and sparsely glandulose forms with smaller and more densely pilose leaves are dominant in this area WOLF 1908 described them as P var arnavatensis

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    Tadzhikistan is the most common alternate spelling and is widely used in English literature derived from Russian sources Tadjikistan is the spelling in French and can occasionally be found in English language texts In contrast to the mostly Sunni Muslim residents of the rest of Tajikistan

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    Islam by contrast was seen as the basis of morality and belief but not as the basis for a state administrative system 17 One survey conducted in 1985 showed that 55 6 per cent of Tajik communists regarded themselves as true Muslims 18 Many people in Tajikistan were able to reconcile Islam and communism as neither was treated as

  • Frontiers Phylogeny and Classification of Yersinia

    May 25 2018  Hissar high mountain focus 34 is situated in Tadzhikistan on the border with Kyrgyzstan Eleven Y pestis strains isolated in 1970–1972 were investigated All the strains demonstrated similarity in characteristic properties and carried the specific Hissar ssp 205 bp deletion in the YPO2267 gene

  • Incorporation of mineralogical composition into models of

    In contrast dust in Arizona has the Si/A1 ratio of 4 02 and dust from Tadzhikistan central Asia has a ratio of about 3 06 Gomes and Gillette 1993 Petrov 1976 showed that the Gobi desert contains 0 74 1 36 less Fe but 5 12 more A1 and

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    We are available On these pages we provide an overview of the service numbers of all wenglor countries Whether by phone email or direct message our local experts will respond with a suitable solution as soon as possible

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    It allows continuous PWM signals or burst PWM signals that are fully synchronized to the video frame at the same or higher frequency The PWM duty cycle can be updated in each video frame and with user configurable tail or head delays This provides more options to reduce motion blur and improve the contrast

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    Calcium Tungstate Making medical treatments easier Calcium tungstate occurs in nature as scheelite and is among the most important luminophores i e when it is exposed to x rays it appears blue This characteristic makes it particularly suitable for use in medical technology It is used in transfer film in x ray devices or as a contrast agent

  • Tajikistan Civil WarGlobalSecurity

    Jun 30 2021  Tajikistan Civil War Tajikistan a newly independent country situated between China and Afghanistan underwent profound political and economic changes since the break up of the Soviet Union

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    On irrigated land by contrast the levels have risen by up to 50 cm per year In many regions in fact the level has risen by fully several metres In the Karakalpak Republic for example the area of land with a critical groundwater situation increased from 72 per cent to 90 per cent during